The World Cup

We are now in the run up to the World Cup and as the tension builds so are peoples stakes. Will England be champions or will we have the title slip away again like the Euros. We’ve compiled odds, tips and fixtures to help you profit.

The tournament starts on the 21st November so be ready, place your bets and let the best country win!

World Cup Winner:

England possibly have their strongest squad since 2000. We all know what happened that year but with a squad of fresh faces and Gareth Southgate behind them, anything could happen. Who else would you bet on anyway!

Top 4 Picks:

1. Brazil @5/1

2. France @13/2

3. England @7/1

4. Spain @9/1

Golden Boot Winner:

This year we believe the boot will go to Mbappe. After a poor performance at the Euros the French National team will be sure to try and make up for it. We reckon the youngster is the best bet! Just £20 on him would net you a nice £180.

Top 4 Picks:

1. Harry Kane @8/1

2. Kylian Mbappe @9/1

3. Karim Benzema @12/1

4. Cristiano Ronaldo @14/1

To Reach The Final:

If the games fall into place it could be an England vs Brazil final. With two top squads who knows what could happen, better put money on both just to be safe. £50 on England to reach the final would get you £200!

Top 4 Picks:

1. Brazil @5/2

2. France @11/4

3. England @3/1

4. Argentina @4/1

First Time Winner:

It’s highly unlikely that we will have a new World Cup winner as past champions are looking extremely strong this tournament. Putting big money on no could be the play considering there has only ever been 8 different winners.

Top 4 Picks:

1. No @4/11

2. Yes @15/8

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